Sileo.Group Programs and Services Overview

Our Services are designed around the specific requirements of our group's culture and change management needs.

The process starts with an open invitation to a local group meeting. Our first focus area is in Halton Region, serving the Milton, Oakville and Burlington areas. The forum provides the opportunity to hear your story and those of the small groups' members. There is ample opportunity to collaborate and meet potential new colleagues, partners and business Co-Founders.
Our objective is to provide a high level framework for you to follow, do some thinking, soul searching and self reflection. At this point, we open up the world of possibilities and help you blaze a new trail as an Entrepreneur. We provide access to resources and also 1:1 sessions.

Sileo.Group Workshop Series

Desks1Traditional Entrepreneurship programs usually revolve around resource based learning. The outcome is understanding the operational framework and creating a business plan for participants. As useful as it seems, the success rate of these startups is limited to a few rather than the majority. Our current startup models are based on the collective intelligence of our own experiences PLUS the current optimized processes developed by global thought leaders and through incubators and accelerators.
Developed as a "experiential" process, the Sileo.Group Workshop series is based on two proven models of startup business success: Personalized Coaching + Optimized Learning. Your journey will require hands on feedback and fast, iterative changes that will get results over a 12 week program.

Sileo.Group Semi-Annual Retreats

audienceThe old days of corporate retreats remind us of conference centres where we spent a week in dark, cold rooms watching a mind-numbing array of power point slides. Team building exercises were subcontracted out to coaches, where we " learned to be team players". Events included things like climbing 12 foot walls and breaking legs. This was the best way to round out a week of drinking and our take home chachkas included a computer bag and a golf shirt. The week's learnings were summarized into a thick binder that was put into the overhead bin in your cubicle, where it rarely ever saw the dim light of day again.
The Sileo.Group retreat is based on a framework which facilitates structured engagement with the other participants. The engagement is based on the above "optimized learning" where you can skip the useless meetings with board members, mentors and advisors that do little more than provide linear, predictive inputs.
retreat1We invite industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and investors to help stimulate innovative ideas, business concepts and new models.
There are no barriers, business plans or things to pitch for funding.
Meeting these people without a hardened agenda, product pitch or need to master a business plan reduces friction and allows for true inspiration and ideation. The backdrop is a great location where the outdoors and fresh air contribute to the sense of exhilaration and personal growth.