Meet The Sileo.Group Team

We help mature professionals become successful entrepreneurs.


Craig Stark, Co-founder

Craig is a Technology Innovation Strategist and Business Development Specialist and Founder of Change Impetus Group. He has worked with technology startups and other businesses for 20+ years and came from the corporate technology business. He works with the Milton Innovation Centre on new projects for bridging emerging technology trends to evolving ecosystems.


Mike Kennedy, Co-founder

Mike is President of Your Future Re-imagined. Mike successfully launched his business at the age of 56 after over 30 years as a sales executive in the CPG industry. As a blogger for both LinkedIn and Huffington Post, he started a blog series for successful entrepreneurs who started their ventures after the age of 40+

Justin Jones, Founder, One Idea Ventures

As President of One Idea Ventures, Justin specializes in the impossible and will assist Sileo.Group in helping members make valuable connections and help make new ventures a reality at scale.
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