The founding story behind Sileo.Group

Our team got together several times over the past few years to keep up on new technology and business frontiers. As the boom in technology and software startups gained momentum, we saw thousands of our global colleagues suffer downsizing or early retirement actions. Coupled with a boom/ bust financial market scenario, our generation was under fire for the first time.

We saw people struggling to find similar jobs in the same industries, which are concurrently under the wrath of disruption. The mature workforce is systematically being dismantled, with a growing sense of helplessness. We thought there needs to be an agile and rapid learning process that can address the huge potential and need this scenario presents.
There is a definite and growing need to help the displaced and disenfranchised workforce transition into new opportunities. Most programs we see are funded to encourage millennials and new graduates to start companies with little or no experience.There is an active generation of skilled, enthusiastic professionals with no intention of or ability to retire early.
I look at this as the opportunity of a lifetime to help build a sustainable ecosystem of talent and innovation.
Craig Stark-Co Founder- Sileo.Group